Коллекция десертов 8 марта

Dessert collection on March 8th


On the eve of March 8, our confectioners have created a bright spring collection of desserts. A sweet gift will pleasantly surprise and give unforgettable emotions.

The line of cupcakes is like a blooming garden, where all the girls' favorite flowers are sure to be found.

  • Big cupcake Primrose with chocolate filling, decorated with delicate yellow flowers on top;
  • Big cupcake Tulips, red velvet sponge cake inside, decorated with coral buds;
  • Big cupcake Magnolia with honey flavor, decorated with a blooming white magnolia flower;
  • Big cupcake Taste of spring decor in the form of a peony in lavender color with blueberry flavor;
  • Big cupcake Tenderness - a blooming rose with raspberry filling;
  • Big cupcake Tea roses with raspberry-passion fruit filling, decorated with delicate roses on top.

For convenience, all cupcakes are collected in a set at a special price of 1,750 rubles.

The festive assortment is complemented by a variety of cakes. First of all, you should pay attention to the cake Charm is an interpretation of the popular Ice cream cake. Marble glaze and snow-white magnolia flowers are on top. Delicate cake Roses in bloom with carrot filling, decorated with rosebuds. The cake Chrysanthemum charms with a deep purple color, inside the filling is red velvet. It is impossible to ignore the small bento cake It's time for love with vanilla-strawberry flavor, decorated with dry scarlet roses.

In addition, there are two cakes in the collection to order in 48 hours, with fillings to choose from: red velvet, carrot or chocolate dream. Cake Spring Garden - richly decorated with languid flowers in pastel shades. And a very extraordinary cake The peony is made in the Malaysian style.

No less significant desserts in the line are cake pops, which give even more mood: Cherry blossom, White cherry and Lotus.