Десерты 23 февраля

Desserts on February 23rd


It's no secret that men also love sweets.

Traditionally, for Defender of the Fatherland Day, we have created a line of themed desserts that are suitable both in addition to the main gift and as an independent present.

There are two big cupcakes in the collection:

  • "Gentleman" with whiskey caramel filling, decorated with a bowler hat and a chocolate moustache;
  • "Butterfly" - a combination of raspberries and passion fruit in taste, cottage cheese cream and butterfly decor;

It is worth paying attention to the bento cake "Valor" and the whole cake "Defender", which will be the most delicious gift.

  • Bento cake "Valor" - a cake with pistachio filling, decorated with fresh berries and chocolate decor;
  • The Defender cake is a Snickers cake inside, covered with cream on the outside, decorated with chocolate stars and a figure made of mastic.
And, of course, do not forget about the invariable classics - the dessert "Courage", as well as the bright ginger-honey cookies "Golden Star".

The parade ends with the Cigar dessert, which is loved by many - a subtle combination of chocolate mousse with whiskey, salted caramel, honey sponge cake with whiskey in a chocolate case.

All desserts are already available on pre-order on our website, and from February 21 to 23 they will go on sale in the restaurant.