Праздник Светлой Пасхи в Корнер Гриль!

Happy Easter Holiday at the Corner Grill!


On the eve of a good family holiday, our pastry chefs have created a wonderful Easter collection.
Beautiful cakes, funny cupcakes, cottage cheese Easter, and airy cakes are sure to become the main decoration of the festive table.

Fluffy cakes with raisins, walnuts, orange and lemon zest in different designs:

  • * The “Blooming” cake is decorated with scarlet dried flowers, freeze-dried cherries, pistachios and a crumb of pink meringue.
  • * The cake “Birdsong" is decorated with white meringue, a nest of chocolate glaze, chocolate-covered almonds and candied fruits.
  • * Kulich “Poetry of spring” It is richly decorated with a bright pink peony made of protein cream and meringue.
  • * Easter cake “Easter Symbol” is a novelty from our Brand chef pastry chef Viktor Alexandrov, in a dark chocolate case, decorated with icing sugar and rose petals.

In addition to the elegant cakes, we have prepared a line of festive big cupcakes:

  • - “Spring” with pink tulips and bunny ears with red velvet flavor;
  • - “Chicken” with raspberry passion fruit flavor;
  • - “Bunny” strawberry flavored with cream, decorated with spring flowers and an Easter bunny;
  • - “Angel Wings" with raspberry filling.For convenience, we have collected Easter cupcakes in a set at a pleasant price.

This year, our Brand pastry chef has prepared an unusual dessert for you - "Easter".
Inside there is a chocolate-caramel mousse, profiterole with custard and salted caramel - in a milk chocolate case.
It is covered with glaze, decorated with rose petals and freeze-dried raspberries.

As well as a tender Cottage Cheese Easter with raisins and dried cherries. It is decorated with chocolate glaze, pistachios, hazelnuts and candied orange.

In the assortment you will also find cake pops "Joy" in the form of a peach-colored egg.
Small, but no less important sweets that are perfect for a gift to your loved ones on this wonderful holiday.

Here you can buy colored eggs in blue, decorated with gold.

For those who are going to visit, we have collected Easter gift sets that are convenient to take with you: a cake to choose from, a set of big cupcakes "Inspiration", cake pops "Joy", Cottage cheese Easter and colored eggs for a large and friendly family.

Pre-order online today, and from May 2, Easter products can be purchased at the Corner Grill.

Happy Easter, friends!